Scarlet Hair Design Mission Statement

The goal of Scarlet Hair Design is simple, offer high quality contemporary hair services at an affordable price. We achieve this through a 25 year tenure in the beauty industry, with advanced training in all of the major disciplines of the salon trade. The business model was designed to offer an alternative to high-end salons which offer their services at an expensive premium. Clients will enjoy a relaxed, positive, fun, clean, professional environment. They can expect consistency in the quality of work and leave feeling they were listened too with respect to their style and image needs.

Scarlet Hair Design Client Vision

Scarlet Hair Design clients are people who are invested in their appearance and value looking good and feeling attractive. They want to invest in products and services which allow them to maintain a current contemporary style. A Scarlet Hair Design client is anyone who values quality, technical expertise & consistency. They understand that creative expression is individual and organic, unique to each and every one of us. Scarlet Hair Design clients value the consultative process where they can collaborate on a new image and look that is showing off their best self. Most importantly our clients are committed to having fun and creating a positive life balance.