About The Stylist

My name is Troy and I am the owner and Stylist at Scarlet Hair Studio. I have enjoyed a 25+ year career in the Salon Fashion & Beauty Industry. Primarily, my work has included being a Stylist, Colour Specialist, Image Consultant and Educator in the Hair Industry. I am honoured to work with clients from a diverse group of backgrounds, ethnicities and situations as this has expanded my training, skills and knowledge about hair and client needs.

I have been very blessed to have great training in a broad group of professional settings and cities including Toronto, Montreal, New York and London England. These training opportunities allowed me to develop more advanced training and skills in advance cutting and styling methods, advanced colour and highlight techniques and placement, colour correction skills and knowledge, razor cutting, clipper cutting, working with very thick and curly hair types, working with very fine hair types, and assessing structural damage in hair.

I also have had a 5.5 year tenure working in the hair loss field with the worlds largest hair loss company. The knowledge and training from that experience allows me to have a much broader understanding the issues surrounding hair loss through genetics and disease. From this training I am able to help my clients understand hair loss and what treatments / solutions may be available to them.

My focus as an artist, is to work with clients always striving to helping clients look their best and feel their best with respect to their appearance and style. My studio allows me to be more connected, committed and engaged with my clients. I want everyone to come, relax, enjoy and get pampered while we work towards a new look and a new hair goal that makes you feel confident and attractive. Client education is a central theme to my career as I always believe that knowledge is empowering for us. My final priority as an artist is to focus on relationship building with my client. It is very important to me that even client feels that I care about their hair needs and issues and that I care about them also.